Want to know how Gath3r come to be? Well, our founder — Raghav ‘Reggie’ Jerath built on an idea first introduced by Coinhive, but in noticing that without user consent the idea would fail, he decided to implement a few tweaks and correct the problems he saw to come up with the idea of Gath3r — as a means to not only implement a non-intrusive method of monetization, but to also be used additionally as a scalable monetization method for websites and applications alike. The idea was then developed in December, and as a result, the remaining founders had quit their jobs in order to pursue their futures in the development of Gath3r.

In an attempt to humanize ourselves, we’ve decided to introduce our team to you. We shall begin with our Chief Executive Officer, Reggie:

Reggie, is a kind, energetic, and enthusiastic leader with a degree from the University of Huddersfield. His previous work experience includes (but is not limited to) a company called Jaadu, (which was a hot startup in Delhi, where he met Udit, a co-founder) an oil and gas company (where he was located in a warzone for the duration of his time with the company) followed by joining a big four Ad company where he was presented with a star performer award within three months of joining — and finally, the founding of Gath3r. Besides the brilliant mind that Reggie has, he also has a few funny behaviourisms, such as his love for Subway sandwiches as well as several (7) shawarmas following a night out, but don’t let that fool you into believing he is capable of opening the ketchup packets

Farrukh, our esteemed Chief Financial Officer — had far from humble beginnings in his career, initially working at Grant Thornton for a year, followed by a three and a half year stint at KPMG (Dubai) as an auditor/advisor, where not only did his team receive the annual ‘best audit team’ award two years in a row, but he personally was awarded an internal KPMG Bravo! Award for his work in the first quarter of 2016. As he progressed further into his career with KPMG, Farrukh’s interest was piqued by the cryptocurrency world, an interest that would prove to be his niche as he quit KPMG in 2017 to trade crypto full-time and provide paid advisory for trading in crypto before Gath3r was formed. Farrukh also has a few quaint fears, if a butterfly or flying insect happens to pass his line of vision, expect him to run the opposite direction — regardless of his love for extreme sleeping locations.

Gabe, our friendly Chief Marketing Officer was also a student at the University of Huddersfield, where he was flatmates with Reggie. He started in his professional career through volunteering and completing internships before eventually landing a stable job as a marketing manager for a food & wine business in Bucharest, Romania (where he currently lives). Soon after starting his job, he discovered his love for digital media buying (which eventually turned out to become his next career move) he taught himself enough to become employed by the biggest media agency in Romania, in a programmatic media division called Prometheus Programmatic — where he remained for a year and a half before quitting to help pursue the Gath3r vision. Unfortunately for readers, not much in terms of funny stories of Gabi exists as he lives quite far from the majority of us, however, Reggie thankfully had the chance to spend plenty of time with him, and he has taught us one very crucial thing about Gabe. do not offer him Asian food — no matter what, he is NOT a fan.

Our Chief Operations officer, Udit, has a resume that’s filled with extraordinary achievements, from beginning his career as a trainee in Android development for a tech company, to working in not only one but four startups (including Gath3r)! He has owned two companies on his own terms, one being a solar-based company that ran for two years, and another in the field of men’s fashion in e-commerce. He’s also worked in established companies such as Jaadu where he was in business development and operations, and a recruitment based consultancy where he was a partner. Absolutely remarkable, however the most remarkable thing about Udit — is the fact that during his days working on his e-commerce, he was the male model and as such, he was known at his next job (Jaadu) as Mr. India, a title that will never die down as long as the internet is around.

Now when it comes to our community managers, we have two very bright females working these ends — and the original herself? Rachel — a Middlesex graduate, who happens to be half English and half Irish is also a member of the British Psychological Society, a qualified ABA therapist, counselor and SEN teacher, on top of this, she has 3+ years of experience in office management and customer service. While her resume is very impressive, it should be noted that she is one of the friendliest people, and the most-known in the company alongside Reggie, as she has long-standing relationships with near enough everyone. However, although she may seem like a well-put human being who understands the human psyche, facts about Rachel have recently surfaced that make you question just how well she knows herself, such as her extreme fear of flying, her ability to quote near enough every episode of Friends by heart.

Mirna on the other hand, is an upcoming Royal Holloway graduate, who previously worked in her family’s company for just over 2 years, prompting her to change jobs in order to get away from her comfort zone. She’s half Jordanian, half Pakistani, a mix everyone agrees is unheard of but works to her favor as when she travels to the UK she associates herself with the heavy Asian population, and when she’s back in the UAE, she fits right in with the Arabs. Whilst she may be somewhat inexperienced in comparison to her co-workers, Mirna believes in furthering her education and as such is close to completing her second degree. However, although Mirna may seem like a well-kept individual like her co-worker Rachel, it should be noted she suffers from crippling fear when she’s put in uncomfortable situations.

Gath3r, as you can see is not just a team, but a group of like-minded individuals who have known each other for an average of three years, we know one-another’s strengths and weaknesses, quirks and habits, we even have stories about each other that would be inappropriate to post about — but we work cohesively in a company as we know what is to be expected from one another, and we also know how to let loose when it comes to nights out together. We make sure to give 100% to whatever it is we do as a group, and as individuals. With that being said — you can entrust that includes monetizing your website or application.

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