Gather Starts A New Partnership with Paidtogo: A Mobile App Gamifying Physical Exercise

Gather is extremely excited to start a new partnership with Paidtogo, a mobile app that tracks and gamifies walk & run activities, rewarding their users in cryptocurrencies for their physical activities. This new partnership will mutually benefit both parties by expanding their respective ecosystems by bridging the gap between two worlds, cryptocurrency and the health & fitness mobile app users.

Gather has built a marketplace based platform that allows publishers to monetize content without or fewer ads, and provides businesses and developers access to affordable and reliable processing power through Gather Cloud.

Gather, once integrated with Paidtogo, will expand its reach by introducing Gather’s core product to many mobile app users, most of them first time crypto users. When Paidtogo users opt in to share their processing power, by giving their express permission, it will create an additional source of revenue for Paidtogo and its overall user base, while also expanding Gather Cloud with more processing power.

Through this collaboration, Paidtogo will enable their users to earn cash for every mile they walk or run, gamifying the daily exercise routine for the everyday users. Gather will also be introduced to a fresh new market, the health & fitness mobile applications industry that has grown exponentially over recent years, which will bring Gather one step closer to mass adoption.

Using Gather’s easy to incorporate technology, once integrated, Paidtogo users will only need to opt-in to share their processing power to get rewarded, in crypto through their own loyalty program for their time spent on the application.

On the new partnership, Reggie Jerath, Gather Founder & CEO said:

“By forming our partnership with Paidtogo, we’re carrying our core product to new horizons, to the mobile app industry where the possibilities are abundant, while also creating together a fairer business model for digital monetization & disrupting the online advertising industry as we know it.”

Paidtogo CEO Aaron Soth-Evans added:

“We are always looking for additional ways to add value to our platform and Gather offers a new and innovative solution. Instead of utilizing invasive ads, users can opt in to share their spare processing power and earn additional coins. This is additional revenue we can use to pay our users. We currently offer cash and Bitcoin as payment options, and are excited to add Gather as another option to pay our users. We believe this partnership will be a win for all parties involved.”

About Paidtogo

Paidtogo is a fitness and active commute tracking app for IOS and Android that pays users for walking and running. Users can earn Paidtogo Coins by the mile and redeem them for cash, Bitcoin (and soon Gather tokens!).


About Gather

Gather has developed a powerful new technology that allows web and mobile developers to earn money by contributing processing power , unlike any other digital monetization tool available today. Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate revenue without having to rely on intrusive Ads. A new revenue stream without ads, and one that is reliable and rewarding. The processing power gathered will then be redistributed, providing a cheaper alternative to current Cloud markets products. Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the internet by allowing publishers to monetize without ads and by providing businesses & developers access to affordable and reliable processing power.

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Digital Monetization via Processing Power

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Digital Monetization via Processing Power

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